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Strange Love 24
( sorry again for not updating : 3 my mind has been in melt down since ive been in 2016 also the weather changes. )
That night they all got settled down for bed when Double remembered about Bodil and his nightmares while Bodil was in the bathroom. He quickly ran to the kitchen and made coffee and downed the 2 cups in a matter of seconds ignoring the burning pain from the heat. He runs back upstairs and goes back to bed waiting to stay awake all night to help Bodil. He hears the door to the bathroom open causing him to look up and notice a shirtless Bodil walk in the room, his muscles move with each step as he swings his arms. Double stares blushing madly trying to take his eyes away but can't seem to manage to. Bodil turns around to go to bed and notices Double staring. He smirks at him. " Why your enjoying the view quite a bit aren't you Triple? " The way he says Triple sends shivers up his spine. He turns an even darker shade of red and looks away. Bodil laughs then climbs into bed a
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Strange Love 23
Sasha walks over to Doubles bed later that night. " Hey Double. " Double turns around smiling and then pulls his pajama top on. " Hey sasha! What is it? " Sasha sits on Tys old bed. " Well I was wondering what your feeling towards your Master are. You seem really close. " Double blushes and notices everyone else is asleep already. He then starts to whisper as he sits down on his bed. " He is my friend. Nothing else... " He replies. " You dont seem like just friends. Its how me and Katy reacted around each other when we were just friends. You got any strange feelings towards him? Come on you can tell me! Im your friend! I promise not to tell anyone! " Double sighs and lays down. " Fine... I get this weird feeling around him... and I... I dont know... " He then turns over confused. " You love him. " Sasha replies. Double looks up. " You described exactly how I felt. Confused. " Sasha then hugs Double. " Well im going to go to bed
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Strange Love 22
( I DONE IT ON TIME!!! Omg it took forever but im glad i managed to post it on my birthday as a present from me to you guys :3 Haha well hopefully its ok. Tried to make it cool! Words = 5674)
Waking up slowly Double notices how Bodil has his arms still wrapped around him and his head resting on Doubles shoulder. Blushing Double tries to sit up only to fail and Bodil to tighten his grip. He looks closely at Bodils face to see some tear stains. ' Huh? ... well I guess I might have to see what thats about then... I could ask Katy! ' He feels Bodil moving so he quickly pretends to be asleep again. " Looks like its morning again... finally.... " He hears Bodil mumble and feels him untangle himself from Double. Then he feels weight getting off the bed and hears the bathroom door shut. Opening his eyes quickly he sits up and rubs the sleep out of his eyes. he sits there for a few minutes then stares outside. He gets up and walks over to the window and notices loads of flowers springing up fro
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Chapter 21
( Sorry its a bit shorter.. Next chapter is going to be longer! I just got loads of ideas and yeah! Also im going to go back and edit loads of the spelling mistakes myself and punctuation :) )
Waking up Double hears someone near him. " Double? You awake yet? " Opening his eyes but quickly shutting them from the light he slowly opens his eyes and lets them get used to it. " Hey. You had a good sleep? " Double nods yawning and rubbing his eyes and seeing who is speaking to him to see Bodil. " Well the guests apparently need to go tomorrow but they seem skeptic about us dating... great fun. Well the girls dont but the dog seems to a little still. "Bodil then falls down on the bed and sighs. " Also Mark and Jack are going tomorrow as their servants need to be seen to and yeah... I also think pewds might run off with Marzia. Same with Nate and Matt. " Bodil then smiles slightly. Double laughs and rolls his eyes. " Why dont we let Pewds have Marzia and Nate have Matpat? Its alright to loose
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Strange love 20
( It is past 11:35pm ok! Im tired so its a bit shorter... but alot of stuff happens xD )
Double nods and then takes his eyes away from Bodils chest and looks at the Diary. It has blue and black swirls all over it. He then picks up the necklace and inspects it. " So this is to convince them...? " Double asks raising an eyebrow. " Yeah... it has photo's inside as well so yeah. I made them myself so that should make them seem real enough for the guests. " Double nods and opens the locket. Inside are 2 pictures. One of Double with his friends and another of his and Bodil Kissing. Double snaps it shut and then feels it get taken out of his hand. Bodil quickly puts it round Doubles neck and does it up. " There you go. " Bodil then stands and then grabs clothes and goes into the bathroom to get changed. Quickly Double gets up as well and grabs clothes to change into. After he is changed Bodil enters the room. " Lets go then. " They then walk out of the room and into the kitchen to see it laid
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Strange Love 19
( Sorry it took so long to update! I had no clue how to carry on but these 2  ideas have been in my mind for weeks so yeah! Also one person is already going to be Royalty in other places xD so there is plenty more room! )
Double walks away from the fight and then goes over to Katy. " Hey! You ok? " Katy asks seeing him go up towards her. " Yeah... do you know when others are next going to be over for the night or so? Not anyone here but anyone else? " Double asks. Katy nods " I think tomorrow night as its valentines day tomorrow and people will want to spend time here to see that Bodil still has someone. Also they will want to do business with him to see about god knows what again. " Double nods then blushes slightly. " Why do you ask? " Katy asks looking at him smiling. " Oh er its just... here look... " Double says finally giving in and handing her the list. She quickly reads it then leans towards Double. " Do you feel comfortable doing this?" Double nods. " Then whats the probl
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Strange Love 18
( So... yeah... still weird! Also I got rid of Stephanie... I need Nate to get with mat... its just going to happen xD )
Bodil sighs after Double is gone and collapses on his bed. ' Well... I better start on that list... ' He then grabs some paper and a pen then start writing.
Many will think we are a couple as most ( not all ) of the time they are couples.
We will most probably either get dishonor for not be a couple or play along around theirs who are not in the palace.
We will be expected to attend places alot and we will have to spend alot of time with others. ( Imma put some of you guys if you want as the others! You get to be royalty!!! Just let me know if you want to please :) )
We will get asked very strange questions ( especially as we are both guys ) so be prepared for them.
When we have Visitors sleeping for the night ( other than my friends ) so them nights you'll probably have to share a bed with me...
You dont HAVE
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Chapter 17
( hey :3 sorry its a weird fanfic xD also sorry its short but ive been spending all day on this with massive breaks in between as I was watching youtubers and talking to online friends :3 )
Waking up slowly Double sits up and stretches then remembers he needs to go to Bodils room. Quickly he gets up and runs out of the door not bothering to change his clothes. Ty sits up from the noise and notices him running out of the door but thinks nothing of it. Quickly racing upstairs he reaches the door out of breath and knocks. " Come in. " Bodil yells from inside. Double opens the door and the shuts the door and waits trying to catch his breath. Bodil races his eyebrow at his breathing rate. " You ran? " Double nods. Bodil looks at Double closely to realize he is wearing his Pj's. " I see you didnt bother getting changed. " Bodil smirks slightly. Double nods blushing. " Come and sit. We need to talk. " Bodil says pointing next to him on the bed. Double goes and sits cross legged on Bodils bed.
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Mature content
Strange Love 16 :iconcrazyweirdoleader:Crazyweirdoleader 0 0
Mature content
Strange Love 15 :iconcrazyweirdoleader:Crazyweirdoleader 0 0
Strange Love 14
( Ok so im bored, on holiday right now and septiplier shipper.... dont worry im not one of them weird ones xD anyway im writing this from the top of my mind so sorry if its worse than normal! )
Looking around Double notices its very clean... didnt he say Elizabeth hasn't been here? He doesnt let any of the other servants go up here either thats for sure! Waking over to the right hand side corner he notices a dirty picture frame. Picking it up and wiping it with his sleeve he notices it holds young Bodil, Young Katy and 2 other devil things... Turning it over the writing on the back reads ' Martin, Katy, Mira and Ian Winters. '  He turns the picture back over and peers closely. Bodil is smiling while his yellow/orange eyes are shining in the sunlight. Katy is shorter than him in this picture and is grinning with gaps in between her teeth. Looking at the young woman he notices how much she looks like Bodil. She has back hair with a fringe pushed to the side with her brown eyes ( bro
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Strange Love 13
( Omg Im so sorry I havent updated. I was writing this in my spare time and then Natewantstobattle got in the way with me listening to only his music for the past 5 days and yeah... next chapter I think ive got a good plot so yeah! Hope you like whatever this is ive written as I dont that much  as its so cringy :D :D :D :D :D :D sorry imma trying to get 2000 words this chapter xD )
* TIME SKIP 1 MONTH LATER ( i dunno what else to happen and it takes forever for them to get better xD ) *
Waking up in his bed ( he went back to his bed :) ) Double gets up and changes clothes quickly not looking at the few scars he has. He then runs to the bathroom and brushes his teeth and hair, cleans his face and then stares at his reflection. ' What even has been happened to me latley!? ' He then shakes his head and walks out and goes to the kitchen. Sitting down he grabs an apple next to him. Soon he hears the scrambles of everyone else ( god knows how many other people are servants now xD ). Soo
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Name: Carrissia Cadence Winters
Age: 12 ( Changes every years as she ages in my mind until she is a young adult! xD )
Birth: March 27th 2003
School: Fandom High
Sexuality: Pansexual
Popularity rating: 10/10
Dream Jobs: Singer, Actor/Voice Actor
Looks: Chocolate Brown Hair which she mainly keeps up, Freckles along her nose and under her eyes, Chocolate Brown eyes with long eyelashes, 2 ear piercings on the middle part of the ear but near the top.
Siblings: Katy Winters (Twin sister)
Parents: Julia Winters, Joseph Winters
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( Thought this up while listening to Part Of Your World Reprise!! Writing this while I think of other ideas for Strange Love :) Ill be good for requests btw!! Also you can picture them as girls btw xD Makes it more funny i think!! )
Double sighs swimming around the kingdom he was brought up in. Its turning night and he is bored. " Ryan. " His father says swimming up to him along with his Mother. " What is it? " He grumbles. " What are you doing here? Theres a whole party! You could find the person of your dreams! " His mother exclaims putting her hand on his shoulder. He shrugs her off and turns away. " I know everyone in the palace! Not only do I not like anyone that way here but everyone hates me! " His Father sighs. " Look we are even letting you marry a boy! Just find someone at least? We will give you an hour to think about it... " They then swim away. Double sighs and stares at his Blue and Black tail. ( xD Why not? ) " Why me? Why do I have to be a stupid merman!" He complains a
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Strange Love 12
( Bodil )
Getting up Bodil walked down the stairs and tripped on his tail. Head skiddies to a halt but not fast enough as he crashes into Marzia. " Mariza! " Felix ( pewds!! ) yells and catches her. " Sorry, Also WHY ARE YOU HERE!? " Pewds laughs." Because I want to be here also why do you get all the pretty ladies like this one?! Marzia is so beautiful!! " He then sorts of sqeezes her in a hug. Marzia smiles and blushes. " Anyway... I want you too look after the servants and others ok!? AND NO FLIRTING!! " Bodil yells at Pewds then walks off to talk to his sister. " Have you seen my sister or one of my friends. " He says to Seto. Seto shakes his head " No ask Mat. " Seto then stumbles away. " Dont mind him please. He was the first captured by Scott... he had about 2 years of being the only servant of Scotts and he gets very scared around new people... we dont know what he went through but we made sure he didnt get as much pain as normal and took it for him. " Sky appologised about Set
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Strange Love 11
( Sorry its sorter :3 ive got to go to school and i wanted to publish this!! )
When waking up Double notices its night and that looks to his left seeing Bodil sleeping curled up on the chair. ' Thats going to hurt in the morning... and its cold! ' He pulls Bodil by his hand onto the bed and throws the covers over him. ' I might be in pain but I dont really wont a grumpy Master. ' Double then yawns and falls alseep again.
( SOMEONE!!! >:) )
" My... we must tell Scott about this!! " Says one person. " Right... now lets quickly take a photo and then quickly run back to bed! Your so clever my love... " Replies the other person who is smirking. The first person quickly takes a photo and then hey run back to the room...
( Bodil )
Waking up Bodil opens his eyes expecting to have neck pain from his position when he feels comfortable... looking around he sees Double next to him sleeping. Bodil goes wide eyed then notices he is in his bed. ' WHAT!?! ' He slowly gets up and leaves the room. " Hey
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Smooth by Kotorikun Smooth :iconkotorikun:Kotorikun 110 28
I Want Some of that nuke
:iconcarlos-twdg:Carlos-TWDG 2 4
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Protecting Jack
Mark and Jack had been very good friends for so many years. they were always there for each other. they knew everything about the other, as friends should, but Mark, wanted more. he loved Jack, but couldn't tell the man, as he was already in a relationship with Jack's friend, Felix. but that didn't change anything Mark felt for Jack. so thats why, the moment Jacks ringtone went off on his phone and he heard his normally happy and loud friend, choking back sobs and his voice barley above a whisper asking where he was and if he was busy, Mark knew where to find him. Mark quickly dropped what he was doing and jumped in his car. he followed the speed signs, though he wanted to speed. he pulled into the hidden drive way through the woods and drove down until he saw Jacks car. he quickly shut the car off and jumped out, running over to Jack, who had his face buried in his knee's. he quickly knelt down and put a hand on Jacks shoulder. Jack, without even pausing to check that it was Mark, lat
:icongirsgirly:girsgirly 242 109
they were laying on the floor, playing a game on the Vive VR together.
"eh, Mark, are ye sure ye s'ould be doin' t'at?" Jack ask. Mark chuckled.
"relax Jack. I've played this game before." Mark replied, continuing to climb the mountian on his Vive.
"Mark, I don' t'ink ye s'ould grab t'at rock..." Jack swallowed, climbing up behind Mark. Jack was glad he had the straps on his remotes around his wrists, his hands were so sweaty at the thought of Mark or himself falling. "M-Mark it's blinkin'...." Jack trailed.
"it's fine Jack see?" Mark ask, putting his weight on the rock, which crumbled.
"Mark!" Jack cried watching the virtual Mark fall. Mark shouted as he scrambled to grab a rock.
"Jack!" Mark shouted. Jack, ignoring his fear of heights, reached his hand down looking down. he felt the bile rising in his throat.
"M-Mark! gr-grab me hand." Jack said. Mark reached up and and grabed Jacks hand. Mark noticed their hands clasped on screen and couldn't help but blush darkly under his vive. Ja
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Don't Call Me That (Septiplier)
"Yeah?" Jack broke his gaze from the blur of the passing city going by around them, quirking his eyebrow inquisitively at his friend.
Mark side-glanced him from his place in the driver's seat; "You've been awfully quiet. Is something wrong?"
Snorting, Jack waved a hand dismissively, "Miss my beautiful voice already, Fischbach?"
Mark reached over to turn the volume up on the radio.
"Oh fuck you!" The Irishman scolded as he swatted Mark's hand away from the dial. He let out a small giggle, "I'm just thinkin'..."
Mark feigned a look of utter distress, his voice faux-trembling "Oh, the horror..."
"Fucking terrifying, I know." He quipped with a roll of his eyes.
Jack toed off his shoes and pulled his knees to his chest, nestling his noggin against the headrest of the passenger's seat. "It's just..."
A deep exhale.
"I really like it here in LA. Fuck, I'm havin' th'best time these past few days! Collabing with you a-and th'grumps and all..."
"Buuuuut?" Mark drawled out, sparing quick
:iconmariamediahere:MariaMediaHere 1,731 449
What Happened Last Night?![septiplier]
I moaned a little as I lifted my hand up to hide my closed eyelids from the sun.
Huh, sun?? It's never this sunny in Ir- oh yea that's right, I'm not home. I stretched out some, feeling something weighing my chest down. Assuming it was just covers or a bunch of pillows, I pushed them away as I opened my eyes.
"Mm, hey! No shoving." A deep voice grunted.
I jumped a little, my eyes popping open.
Laying across my chest like it was a pillow, was a rainbow of pinks.
"Merk?!" I yelled, shoving him more.
"Huh??" Mark questioned, sitting up off of me, "Oh, OH! Jack?? The hell are you doing in my bed??"
"That's what I'm wondering! Get off of me you dumb!" I scolded, watching him roll over.
Mark sat all the way up and ran a hand through his colorful hair as he yawned.
"Well, good morning." He whispered, smiling at me.
"Heh, good morning. Or well, top of the mornin." I said, smiling back, "Did you let me sleep in here or something?? I was fine in the guest room by meself. You trying to cop a feel
:iconlyricallywritten:LyricallyWritten 1,374 737
Septiplier by Sicama Septiplier :iconsicama:Sicama 734 62 Oh. My. Septiplier. by SeptiplierIsLife Oh. My. Septiplier. :iconseptiplierislife:SeptiplierIsLife 922 160
(NO REGRETS =3) Also sorry for the POV changes =P
Mithzan’s POV
 Ross and I were walking into our work building. I was freaking terrible. We have to do the lego challenge, AGAIN!!! “Uggggg!” I yelled out. “What’s wrong Mad Max?” Ross asked, starting to laugh. “You know I don’t get mad when YOU do it Ross.” I said outloud. The thing is I like him alot. I don’t mind if he calls me that. But, if Barney or Sky would, oh boy, they would be very hurt. No wait, in complete pain. Well right now Sky is hanging out with Ty for the week. Said something about hanging with his boyfriend and sleeping with him for the first time. I don’t really know. I wasn’t paying any attention to him when he said it.
(yes this is in the same universe as The Worst of Dreams =3)
 “Earth to Max, earth to Max. Hello?” Ross
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Minecraft YouTubers by iggyt14 Minecraft YouTubers :iconiggyt14:iggyt14 828 642



Im sorry for how bad and cringy my old fanfictions are

  • How long have you been on DeviantArt? 2 months nearly 3

  • What does your username mean? Im crazy and weird

  • Describe yourself in three words. Mental, nonboring, silly

  • Are you left or right handed? Right handed

  • What was your first deviation? A black Butler fanfic

  • What is your favourite type of art to create? Writing

  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Drawing

  • What was your first favourite? Black butler fanfic

  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Fanart

  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Tomachi Insanity

  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? Bootiwar

  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Yes

  • What are your preferred tools to create art? Pencils and pens

  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? My bedroom

  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? When I found so many awesome fanfics and art on here


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